Software Services

We provide what our client need not just what we have available.

Software Services

  • Billing Solutions
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounts & Inventory
  • Payroll Solutions

Billing Solutions

We have comprehensive Billing Solutions for any kind of organization i.e. Manufacturer, Importer/Exporter, Retailers and Job Work.

GST-ready, highly secure and easy to use official accounting software is best alternate to pen-paper entry and provides more crystal clear visibility of various accounting and billing records.

Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory management software helps create Invoices, Purchase Orders, Receipt Notes, Issue Challan, Payment, Receipts and can print Bar Coded Labels. An inventory management software system configured to your warehouse, retail or product line will control operating costs and provide better understanding.

Accounts & Inventory Solution

Accounting and Inventory are integral parts of an Organization. To get complete control and better understanding there must be integrated software system. Dedicated and determined to provide cost competitive Accounting & Inventory management Solution to our customers, we assist them in proper adoption and usage of technology that can enhance their business processes.

Payroll Solutions

Whether an Enterprise is small or large, or in a phase of Human Resouce and payroll is generated. It is a herculean task to manage such abundant information and database. Hence, we have come up with an ideal solution for handling your payroll management related needs and issues by introducing our payroll software.

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